The Tamalpa Life/Art Process® is an internationally renowned movement-based expressive arts practice. It supports and fosters embodied change through our unique creative expression.

I know through my own personal experience that change is the instinctual rhythm of life. Change is alive in our bodies, and we can attune to it at any time. We can change, grow and move toward wholehearted lives by returning awareness to our bodies and our creativity.

In the Tamalpa Life/Art Process®, we move, draw, write from a space of deep connection with the sensual "here-and-now", opening with loving attentiveness to the present, shaping whatever moves through us. 


When we move, draw or write, when we are intimate with our creative body, we return to our senses, and to the richness of our inner world.

We have the opportunity to leave the small world of concepts and ideas of our minds behind us and find a much wiser, more intuitive part alive in us. 

Freely, creatively expressing ourselves is a powerful way to enter, discover and transform the personal myth that is being lived. By creating from our wounded selves, we bring awareness to whatever painful experiences we once had, enabling us to heal, move on, and be free of them.

I totally LOVE this work and I am excited to share it with you.