Do you feel tense, worried & anxious at work? Or even just thinking of work?

Discover what you need now to free yourself from the grip of anxiety, so you can work and live with ease, confidence and joy.

I know what you’re going through; you’re not alone! I help women like you to find peace and strength in the face of sneaky fears.

When working with me, you'll learn how to respond to work-challenges more calmly, confidently, and creatively, while being grounded in your most brilliant self. 

I would love to get you started with a complimentary “Calm Body – Calm Mind” session. I understand the pain of living with anxiety and will share the relief options you need most now.

Together, we’ll take a close look at your anxiety, identify what your mind and body need, lay out some relief strategies, and see if my Freedom From Anxiety Program is a fit for you.

There is no obligation or pressure to buy during your complimentary session. However, please apply only if you’re truly interested and committed to your healing process.

My sessions get booked up fast. Enter your information in the secure form to your right (step 1) and on the following page to complete your application (step 2).  I’ll follow up with you within 1 to 3 business days.

I look forward to supporting you on your journey, and helping you create a more relaxed and happy work life, so you can live your unique magnificent power and potential.

Coach Stephanie 

Professional Certified Somatic Movement and Expressive Arts Coach & Tamalpa Life/Art Process® Practitioner




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I love Stephanie's ability to encourage others to believe in their dreams and visions. With her sensitive and respectful approach, she helps people find their own personal steps in the journey of discovering new perspectives through the expressive arts."

- Ulrike Panhans, Movement Therapist