My story

Prior to becoming an expressive arts therapist, I worked as a public relations consultant. Back then, I was suffering from strong feelings of tension, insecurity and fear while outwardly appearing a successful, motivated and reliable employee. I was pulling myself together every day to go to work, but one day the suffering was too big: My already bad skin had gotten even worse, and the panic attacks led me into a burn out followed by tinnitus. I'd had enough; I decided to leave my job.

I embarked on a two year-long creative odyssey in which I traveled around the world in search of authentic, healing and skillful ways to relate with myself, others, and the world. When I discovered the tool of movement-based expressive arts, I knew that I had found my healing medicine and my life’s purpose. Ever since, I've been dedicated to supporting myself and others in accessing the wisdom and creativity that exists within the body.

I'm offering my work with the intention to reduce anxiety and worry in people’s lives so they can reclaim calm confidence, radiant authenticity, and creative joy, moving from the heart in ways that fulfill them and inspire others.

My training

Based in San Rafael, CA, I am a facilitator of the Life/Art Process® in California and Germany, a certified movement-based expressive arts practitioner, and hold a Master's degree in Psychology and Communication. I regularly assist dance pioneer Anna Halprin, while also having my own private practice. 

I'm the founder of Myth in Motion, which offers individual and group sessions that empower people to be the creators of their own lives through their innate creativity. I combine the Tamalpa Life/Art Process® with mindfulness practices, self-inquiry, and the healing powers of the embodied imagination. Blending intuitive abilities with many years of dance, Eastern meditation, and therapeutic practices, I bring the work to a variety of settings, including private workshops, women’s circles, and clinics. 

Myth in Motion 

For years, I've been on a quest for embodied knowledge. I discovered that I am – and that we all are - truly the heroines and heroes of our own lives, living through archetypal adventures that are as old as the Earth itself.

I came to understand that the intelligence of our body/mind-connection is our guardian and our strongest tool as we embark on a quest for meaningful and creatively abundant lives. I believe that it is in our own unique expressions where we will find what we seek. Every body knows the way.

When we explore the personal and universal myths our bodies tell, we undertake a soul-seeking, soul-healing journey. We find our myth in motion and experience the magic of being inspired and alive in the present moment. We respond to life in new ways, empowered to be our true, authentic selves.